W3C Validation

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W3C stand for World Wide Web Consortium, it is the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web. W3C validation services are very essential for any website that ensures your website code is error free and your website has nice look in difference browsers. W3C validation also consider as a factor of search engine ranking as non validated website will have less priority then a validated website.

Clean HTML code provides the following four benefits: 

  1. Web Site Accessibility – The world has been digitized and it’s very important that your website can display on different browser including smart phones, tablet and browsers without any accessibly error. It will clear the road for visitors and search engine to your website.
  2. Improve Search Engine Friendliness – There is various ways to make your website search engine friendly and validation of your web page is also one of smart way to make your website and web pages easy to crawl for search engine spiders.
  3. Compatibility – Validated code ensures your site is compatible with the current browsers and future browsers, thus helping more visitors to enjoy your website.
  4. Faster Loading – An error free web page take less time to load in compare of non validated pages. There is simple user’s tendency if they don’t get quick response they can close your web pages from browser.

Our professional W3C validation service team takes care of big and small errors including. In case some hidden errors available we inform you about the same and help you to remove them by making your site correct. This service is quite similar to spell checking and proofreading, but it’s more valuable and necessary than any of those processes because it is dealing with machine languages and required to be compatible to the known machine languages.