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Every online business has primary aim to gain more profit from their online business and secondary aim is to reach at their audience with their own website. Now consumers are browsing and searching services from their mobile devices, so a fully functional mobile website is essential for your business.

A Responsive web is an advance approach in website design industry in which a site is designed to provide an optimal viewing experience to users across a wide range of devices. Sites built using responsive design provide a website visitor an enhanced experience while they are using a Smartphone or tablet.

According to a survey Approx 87% Smartphone’s users search data with their device and they are losing interest on spending time over computer or laptop. Moreover, 25% have a tablet computer. As per growing graph of Smartphone users it can be very dangerous for your business to ignore the responsive web design services.

Because mobile searching locally is so convenient, most users turn to their Smartphone for everything—from finding the nearest hotels, reviews, restaurant, or department stores. Now the question for business – Is your website meet your consumers needs? If not, then go with responsive website design services today because you are continually losing customers.

Mobile Web Facts

  • Most Facebook users enter the site with a mobile device.
  • Mobile search have grown 400% since 2010.
  • Approx 60% of people won’t recommend a business with a bad mobile site.
  • Approx 20% of U.S. Internet traffic comes from mobile
  • Only 26% of small business have mobile sites
  • By 2015, Approx 60% of web sales will be generated from mobile and Smartphone

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