Press Release Optimization

Press release optimization is gaining popularity in digital marketing. Just like website optimization is necessary for increasing the maximum visibility and targeting potential customers, press release optimization is also essential for increasing visibility of your press release and targeting traffic to your website.

Why need Press Release Optimization?

Various online news directories direct the visitors to news sources just like search engine directs visitors to website. This is a better way to increases traffic to your website. Once you are done with your company’s press release for your targeted readers, our team of SEO executives will optimize the content of your press release as per the Google algorithms, so that it can be found easily in the news search engines like Google News.

  •  It helps in increasing visibility of your Press Releases
  •  Helps in attaining additional links to your website
  • It is a cost-effective way to establish your business in comparison to other marketing and advertising techniques

Our Press Releases Optimization services includes advanced keyword research, content Optimization, submission through PR web or PR log, utilization of analysis tools to track the effectiveness of your press release.

Our Services of Press Releases optimization includes:

Till now, we have worked with large number of companies with diverse press releases, and we have offered them the services ranging from content writing, optimizing, SEO support, and its submission. We cover the following areas:

  •  Submitting your press release to both paid and unpaid online news directories
  •  Posting and optimizing your press release on your company’s website
  • Producing additional buzz with your press release via Social networking websites
  •  Building up of a press list of good editors of your industry and individual emailing them your press release.
  •  Keep constant eye on the press releases of your competitors